Academics & Majors

At Washington University, we offer the highest quality academic and extracurricular programs, along with the flexibility, opportunities, and encouragement to develop your full potential.

Who will you be?

At Washington University, you can give more than one answer. With our interdisciplinary approach, you will be able to explore all of your interests and follow your passions.

Our medium-sized university has approximately 6,500 full time undergraduates, but you are also part of a smaller college or school where you receive lots of individual attention.

Your classes will be reasonably sized. Over 75 percent of our undergraduate classes have from one to 24 students. While some of your classes may be larger at first, they generally become smaller as you ​progress in your chosen field.

You can create your own path at WashU. Choose one major or more. Add a minor in an area that intrigues you. Cross the boundaries among academic disciplines in our five undergraduate divisions:

We're known for our flexibility, and we can help you find your direction.

ua_photo-sm_0054__PK_8583.jpgWe’re committed to interdisciplinary studies because we recognize the intermingling of academic disciplines can energize new pursuits and discoveries. Seventy-five percent of our students pursue multiple majors or minors.

Think Global -Study Abroad

We infuse global awareness into all aspects of your education, supporting learning, innovative research, and bold entrepreneurial activity around the world.

Understanding other cultures, languages, and countries is important, regardless of your field of study. And just as people from around the world come here to learn, WashU undergraduates in all divisions learn through study and internships in more than 50 countries every year.

Washu students take advantage of more than 100 high-quality study abroad programs. Through an elite network of international institutions, WashU connects students and faculty in research, course work, service, and language learning abroad, allowing students to earn credit toward their degrees on summer, semester, and full-year programs.

For more information on study abroad, please visit the Overseas Programs website.​