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Students’ efforts help keep older adults connected
More than three-quarters of Wash U’s student body are engaged in some kind of volunteer effort, ranging from raising money for cancer research to tutoring children to planting community gardens. Several business students are committed to connecting older adults to technology.
Pictures of Campus (Gallery)
Here at Wash U, I find myself often overwhelmed by how beautiful the campus is. Most of the time I forget to snap a picture, but sometimes I do so. These are pictures I’ve taken of campus and the area around it in my years as a student here. All were taken on an iPhone. […]

Washington University in St. Louis has a personality, and you feel it everywhere. It’s a friendly, welcoming feeling that you pick up from students, professors, advisors and sta­ff.

It’s an academic environment loaded with challenging courses, and filled with intellectually curious students and teachers. It’s a flexible, supportive atmosphere that invites exploration and individuality. It's also an optimistic outlook that drives innovation and new opportunities.

We pay special attention to our new students by easing their transition to college life and connecting them to the people, programs and resources to maximize their experiences. At WUSTL, we strive to know every student by name and story because every student is an essential member of our learning community.