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Transfer Students

​Financial Assistance Deadlines

​Submit either WashU's Family Financial Profile (FFP) or CSS-PROFILE to be considered for university-funded assistance March 15
​Submit the FAFSA online*
​March 15
​Financial assistance decision releasedWithin a few days of notification of admission.
* Domestic students only

Applying for Financial Aid

  1. Submit a financial profile and FAFSA
  2. Noncustodial Parent’s Statement
    If a financial assistance applicant’s natural parents are divorced, separated, or were never married, the noncustodial parent must complete the Noncustodial Parent’s Statement in order for the student to be considered for financial assistance.

Please note:

  • Because of the limited amount of financial assistance for transfer students, we encourage you to consider outside sources of scholarship support and our Partners in Education with Parents and Installment Payment Plan monthly plans.
  • Eligibility for financial aid cannot be determined until all information is submitted.
  • Late applications will be considered only if funds are available.
  • If you are admitted and your financial aid is complete, the financial aid notification will be sent within a few days of the decision notification.

IRS Income Tax Return

In many cases, federal regulations require colleges to verify information on the applications of financial aid applicants. Therefore, once your taxes are filed, we ask that you submit a finalized FAFSA with income and taxes paid information transferred from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Keep in mind that an award based on the FFP or CSS-PROFILE is a firm commitment as long as the information is consistent with the information on your finalized FAFSA. The award will be revised only if there are substantial differences.

Parent Information Requirements

All financial aid applicants (even those who are technically independent) are required to have their parents provide all parent information requested on the FFP or CSS-PROFILE. Applicants who feel that their circumstances require special consideration should contact Student Financial Services.

Financial Aid Renewal

Undergraduate students are eligible for eight semesters (four years) of undergraduate financial aid. Eligibility for transfer students is determined by the level at which the student enters Washington University.

To be eligible for renewal of financial aid, students must continue to demonstrate financial need and maintain a satisfactory academic record.

International Transfer Students

  • International students are citizens or permanent residents of countries other than the United States who will be studying on a temporary visa.
  • International transfer students are only required to file the FFP or CSS-PROFILE (not the FAFSA).

  • Need-based financial assistance is extremely limited for international students. In most years, little, if any, financial aid is available.
  • Employment is restricted by visa status. Students should not count on funds from any possible employment to defray the costs of tuition and living expenses.

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