Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Ronné Patrick TurnerRonné Patrick Turner
Vice Provost of Admissions & Financial Aid
Julie M. Shimabukuro Julie M. Shimabukuro
Director of Admissions
Travels to Guam, the Virgin Islands, and internationally
Susan M. Kapp Susan M. Kapp
Assistant Vice Provost for Admissions & Financial Aid
Kim Selle Kim Selle
Director of Admissions & Aid Administration and Admissions Systems

Admissions Officers

Emma Adebayo Emma Adebayo
Associate Director
Travels to the Greater Washington DC (DMV) and the Greater St. Louis area
Hope Allchin Hope Allchin
Assistant Director
Travels to Arkansas, Tennessee, and Illinois (excluding the Greater Chicagoland area)
Kriston Burroughs Kriston Burroughs
Senior Assistant Director
Travels to Oklahoma and Texas (excluding Houston area)
Ellie Davis Ellie Davis
Senior Assistant Director
Travels to Northern California and Oregon
Erin Foster ​Erin Foster
Assistant Director
Travels to Delaware, New Jersey, Washington, and Eastern Pennsylvania
Valencia Jones Valencia Jones
Senior Associate Director of Inclusion, Access & Special Populations
Travels to Maryland (excluding Washington DC area)
Abby Klinckhardt Abby Klinckhardt
Assistant Director
Travels to Southern California
Jessica Maurer Jessica Maurer
Associate Director
Travels to Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, the Kansas City area, and Central Missouri
Tori Neason Tori Neason
Senior Assistant Director
Travels to Downtown Chicago and the North and Northwest Chicago Suburbs and Virginia (excluding Northern Virginia)
Alessandro Recchia Alessandro Recchia
Assistant Director
Travels to Florida and Puerto Rico
Ann Sarkisian Ann Sarkisian
Senior Assistant Director
Travels to Indiana, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont
Daniel Schnall Daniel Schnall
Senior Assistant Director
Travels to Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania
Lauren Speller Lauren Speller
Assistant Director
Travels to Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Houston, Texas
Kendall Spina Kendall Spina
Assistant Director
Travels to Connecticut and Westchester, Long Island, and Queens, New York
Kyle StrothmanKyle Strothmann
Senior Associate Director of Recruitment and Selection
Travels internationally
Avery Suter Avery Suter
Senior Assistant Director
Travels to Alaska, Montana, New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming
Victor Thomas Victor Thomas
Associate Director
Travels to Bergen County in New Jersey, New York City, and Upstate New York
Tiara Wair
Associate Director
Elena Wandzilak Elena Wandzilak
Senior Assistant Director
Travels to the South and West Chicago Suburbs in Illinois; North Carolina; and South Carolina
Loren Wright
Assistant Director
Travels to Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

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