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Music at Washington University

Whether you pursue music as a focus of your University education or as a pleasurable diversion, the Department of Music can help fulfill your needs and satisfy your interests. We attempt to service the entire community, and we encour-age majors and non-majors alike to audition for various vocal and instrumental ensembles, to take music lessons, and to enroll in classes in basic musicianship, the history and theory of Western music or jazz, ethnomusicology, and electronic music. There is no audition required for admission to the University.

Scholarship Opportunities in Music

George E. Mylonas Scholarship Program: Up to 4 full-tuition scholarships with a $1000 yearly stipend for students planning to major in the humanities. A separate application is due January 5 of your senior year in high school.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides a broad liberal arts education with a foundation in music and can be pursued on its own or as a double major with another discipline. The Bachelor of Arts in Music requires 31 units of core require-ments and 14 units of elective courses, culminating in a senior capstone (thesis, performance or composition portfolio, 400-level course, or lecture/demonstration).

Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor of Music is a professional degree. You may opt to pursue the B.Mus. with general emphasis or a specific concentration in Performance, Music Theory, Composition, or Music History and Literature. You are required to complete 60 to 73 units of study in the Music Department. Your degree preparation will culminate in a major senior capstone, either a recital, thesis, composition portfolio, or lecture/demonstration. (You must also pass a keyboard proficiency examination.)

Minor in Music

The minor in music requires 18 units of credit (9 at an advanced level) in the Music Department. This may include applied music lessons and participation in Department ensembles.

The Minor in Jazz Studies

A minor in jazz studies requires 18 units of credit (9 at an advanced level).

Performing Ensembles

Whether you plan to major or minor in music, or simply continue to pursue music as a side interest, you are encour-aged to audition for a performing ensemble. Auditions are open to the entire Washington University community. The following ensembles are available:

  • Small Chamber Ensembles
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Jazz Band
  • Jazz Combo
  • Flute Choir
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Concert Choir
  • Chamber Choir

Facilities and Opportunities

The Music Department on the Danforth Campus houses music classrooms, academic faculty offices, a music library, practice rooms, and electronic music studios. In addition to the academic facilities on the Danforth Campus, the Music Department’s applied music program is located in the 560 Music Center. This facility includes studios, ensemble rehearsal rooms, practice modules, and performance spaces.

Regardless of major, students may take vocal and instrumental lessons for credit with our teachers of applied music, many of whom are St. Louis Symphony players or local jazz musicians. Applied music instruction is available in voice, piano, harpsichord, organ, guitar, and every orchestral instrument. Music majors may take advantage of study abroad programs in music in England, France, and Italy. Summer research projects under faculty direction are also available.

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