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Religion and Politics Minor

What is Religion and Politics?

The Religion and Politics Minor is an interdisciplinary program that combines resources from the Danforth Center on Religion and Politics with relevant offerings from other academic programs, including religious studies, political sciences, history, American culture studies, African-American studies, English, and women, gender, and sexuality studies.

Designed to complement and contribute to students’ major fields of study, the minor also aims to augment the undergraduate education of those considering postgraduate professional programs in public policy, education, law, medicine, or social work. The Religion and Politics minor provides an opportunity for exploring in sustained ways how religion and politics have intersected American culture, both in historical and contemporary terms.

As part of this program, students may examine any number of issues, including church-state relations, religion’s role in shaping gender and sexuality debates, religion and electoral politics, public conflicts over the nexus of religion and science, and religion’s entwining with reform movements (from abolition to environmentalism).


The minor requires 15 units of coursework, including the following:

  • Religion and American Society (three units) OR Religion and Politics in American History (three units). This should be completed prior to the second semester of the junior year.
  • 12 additional units (must be 300-level or above), nine of which must be taught by center faculty.
  • Students pursuing this minor must also attend at least five events sponsored by the Center on Religion and Politics (lectures, colloquia, lunch discussions, film screenings).

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