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Text & Tradition Minor

What is Text & Tradition?

There are many ways for you to begin a serious engagement with literature, philosophy, history, art, and critical thinking at Washington University. One of the best is to enroll in the Text & Tradition program. In T&T, students explore the classic texts and intellectual traditions upon which American and European culture has been built – from Greek thought to the modern novel.

In the first semester, those enrolled in T&T take Classical to Renaissance Literature, as well as Early Political Thought. Each course in T&T meets an Arts & Sciences distribution requirement. The goal of these classes is to provide a serious foundation in the humanities, a foundation in content and in methods of inquiry.

The Minor

If you continue past the first semester – the "classical" semester – you can easily complete a minor in Text & Tradition by choosing three more T&T classes. You can take these at any time during the pursuit of an undergraduate degree from the university. Some of the course options are listed below.

Two or three of these courses are offered every spring:

  • The Great Economists
  • Scriptures and Cultural Traditions
  • Puzzles and Revolutions
  • Sex and Gender

These two courses are offered every semester:

  • Literary Modernities
  • Modern Political Thought

With approval by the Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities faculty, a student may substitute an appropriate course.

Each fall, the department reserves at least 50 spots for incoming first-year students.

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