Alana Raper ’21

Studies: Accounting

Hometown: Austin, Texas

“I was really worried about making friends, but the thing I didn’t realize about your first year of college is everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is trying to find their people, and are really open to meeting new individuals. Whether it’s finding some new people to eat lunch with, sitting next to a new person in a class, or striking up a conversation on the walk to class, people want to make new friends and are excited to talk to you.”

Favorite thing about St. Louis

I love the neighborhood structure of St. Louis. Every neighborhood has a different personality, and different things to explore, which I didn’t know until I got here. Tying in with all the neighborhoods is the phenomenal food in St. Louis. I have had some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had in St. Louis (including toasted ravs!) and gotten to try tons of new fusion foods. I would also love to give a shoutout to St. Louis BBQ from a Texan — it’s different but still so good!


Student Tour Leaders, Olin Peer Ambassadors, Delta Sigma Pi