Gabi Raspall Portrait

Gabi Raspall, ’21

Studies: Pre-Dental, Biology, Spanish, and Healthcare Management

Hometown: Miami, Florida

“To me, WashU was the perfect place to reach my academic goals while still being well rounded and enjoying these important years. Since my first visit, the welcoming, collaborative energy of the institution was apparent. Another one of my favorite things is WashU’s size: I can say ‘hi’ to 10 friends on my way to class and always feel at home, but there’s always the opportunity to meet someone new.”⁠

Favorite place on campus:

Bauer hall is my favorite place on campus. It’s where I start my morning every morning at the Starbucks where the baristas know my order and wish me luck with my day.

Best Part of St. Louis:

The best part about St. Louis is that it’s small enough to stay focused during these four years and get really involved in WashU’s community, but it’s also large enough where there’s always an opportunity to explore and try something new.


Pre-dental society, sorority, Habitat for Humanity, and academic year intern