Roberta Wasserman Portrait

Roberta Wasserman ’22

Studies: Psychological & Brain Science, Marketing

Hometown: Parkland, Florida

“I was given a travel grant to come visit WashU during my senior year, and I remember falling in love with not only the campus, but also the people I met. I remember calling my dad at the end of my tour and telling him that if the rest of the student body was anything like my tour guide, this was the place I wanted to be.”

Favorite professor:

Charlie McCrary has by far been the best professor I have had in my time at WashU. I took two of his classes in the Religion and Politics department, and I believe his choice of books and method of teaching were exceptionally conductive to learning and discussion. He is the kind of professor who I know I will remember forever and who I know I will always be able to contact for whatever I may need.


Model United Nations, sorority, and student tour leader