Zach Milewicz ’22

Studies: Psychological & Brain Sciences, Marketing, and Communication Design

Hometown: Armonk, New York

“I came from a very competitive high school, and I was looking for a rigorous university that would push me, yet surround me with amazing people. WashU has provided exactly that; everyone is so friendly, happy, and collaborative. WashU also provided the flexibility for me to pursue my passions. I’m now studying across three different undergraduate divisions.”

Favorite Place on Campus:

My favorite place on campus is Olin Library, specifically the second floor. I love using it as a central study spot, as it provides a nice, quiet atmosphere to do work, but I constantly see my friends there, whether that be walking by or us finding adjacent spots. I’ll sometimes text with them as we work to maintain the quiet environment, or we’ll take breaks together such as outside the doors in the stair foyer. I also love how the library has Whispers Cafe right on the first floor; it’s super convenient to just take a study break and have a place right there to grab a snack or bite to eat.


Student Tour Leaders, Campus Interview Team, PGN, Simple Syrup, CBDS Lab, Chabad Student Association