Join us to explore the possibilities!

Do you want to take a closer look at WashU’s undergraduate schools and programs? Or are you already interested in a specific area of study?

Join us for our Virtual Theme Weeks this fall! Each week, we will host a variety of online events (via Zoom and Instagram) where you can learn more about a specific academic area and special opportunities and experiences at WashU.

Stay tuned for a schedule of events, links to register, and more.

Summer Theme Weeks: View recordings

Art & Architecture Week

Explore WashU’s Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts through our programs this week.

Virtual Tour

Join Rachel Youn, admissions counselor for the Sam Fox School of Visual Arts & Design, and a current student for a virtual tour to learn more about the Sam Fox buildings and community.

Art Information Session

Join us to learn more about the academic programs and opportunities available in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts College of Art.

Preparing Your Portfolio

Join us for a session all about building a strong portfolio. When you apply to an art program at a selective college, university, or art institute, the admissions office will ask you to demonstrate your artistic abilities. Hear from Sam Fox admissions counselor, Rachel Youn, about how to do just that!

Architecture Information Session

Join us to learn more about the academic programs and opportunities available in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts College of Architecture.

Student Panel

Join current Sam Fox students and learn about life at WashU. This is a great opportunity to hear about their experiences and ask any questions you may have on topics such as academic life, clubs and organizations, WashU’s campus, and more!

Liberal Arts Week

Explore WashU’s College of Arts & Sciences through our programs this week.

Virtual Class Experience: Literature and Democracy

Wondering what classes in college might be like? Join Professor of Drama and Comparative Literature, Robert Henke, for a virtual class experience. Professor Henke teaches a first-year seminar course, Literature and Democracy, which examines the links between theatrical works, literature, and democracy. In this session Professor Henke will lecture on content from his course, and offer time for questions and some discussion.

There is not a recording available for this session.

College of Arts & Sciences Information Session

Join us to learn more about the academic programs and opportunities available in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Majors & Minors

Excited by the potential list of majors and minors in Arts & Sciences? Or perhaps overwhelmed? Join Assistant Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences, Matthew DeVoll, for a presentation on the process for choosing and declaring your major. He’ll also be able to provide valuable advice for exploring your major and minor options.

Pre-Health Information Session

Already thinking about your options for a career in a health field? Join Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences and the director of the Pre-Health Program, Carolyn Herman, who will discuss the pre-health support available to WashU students.

Undergraduate Research

Are you interested in pursuing research as an undergraduate? Join Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Director of Undergraduate Research, Joy Kiefer, for a discussion on undergraduate research at WashU. The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) supports students in finding their own research path, and connecting them to mentors and funding, as well as hosting showcases for students to share their research during the academic year.

Current Student & Alumni Panel

The Power of the Liberal Arts
As the home of the liberal arts at WashU, Arts & Sciences offers students both breadth and depth of academic inquiry across a variety of subjects. Our curriculum is designed to help you explore new ideas. We’ve gathered a group of recent alumni and current students to talk about the ways in which their undergraduate education and career outcomes were shaped by exploration during their time in Arts & Sciences. The panel will be moderated by Jennifer Romney, Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Engineering Week

Explore WashU’s McKelvey School of Engineering through our programs this week.

McKelvey School of Engineering Information Session

Join Chris Kroeger, Associate Dean of Engineering Undergraduate Student Services, to learn more about the academic programs and opportunities available to McKelvey Engineering students.

Entrepreneurship and Research in the McKelvey Experience

Innovation, creativity and breakthroughs are core to McKelvey Engineering. Join II Luscri, Managing Director of the Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Kris Campa, Assistant Dean of Engineering Undergraduate Student Services, as they share about the entrepreneurship and research opportunities available to McKelvey Engineering students.

MakerSpace Session and Tour

Calling all Makers! Join Dr. Ruth Okamoto and Dr. Charlotte Guertler for a virtual tour of the Spartan Light Metal Makerspace. Discover more about this unique space—housed in the McKelvey School of Engineering—that is open to all students.

Faculty Spotlight and Engineering Virtual Class Experience

What is a McKelvey Engineering class really like? Join Professor Patricia Widder of Biomedical Engineering as she leads a virtual class experience. Professor Widder teaches The Human Machine–Biomechanics, Stress, and Strain. This class demonstrates how engineers measure different kinds of forces on the body and explores how we use that knowledge to choose materials to repair or replace bones and tissues.

McKelvey Student Panel

Hear from current McKelvey Engineering students about their experiences at WashU. Get your questions answered and discover for yourself what it means to be a McKelvey student.

PreHealth Week

Explore WashU’s PreHealth offerings through our programs this week.

MedPrep Virtual Class Recording: Medical Student Panel

MedPrep is a WashU class offered to help pre-medical students explore whether medicine is the right career, as well as how to best prepare a competitive medical school application. Watch a recording of the final class of the year, which includes a panel with WashU School of Medicine students.

Medicine at Washu

Join Dr. Gregory Polites as he discusses the numerous opportunities available for students at the undergraduate level and at the School of Medicine.

Q&A with Dr. Polites

Do you have more questions after attending our Medicine at WashU session or watching our pre-recorded MedPrep class? Are you looking for more information about what it means to be pre-medicine at WashU? Dr. Polites will be hosting a live Q&A to answer your questions.

Prehealth Student Panel

Hear from current students who are on various PreHealth tracks at WashU about their experiences at WashU. Feel free to bring any questions about life on campus, clubs and organizations, academics, and more!

Business Week

Explore WashU’s Olin Business School through our programs this week.

Experiential Learning at Olin

Join Senior Associate Dean, Steven Malter, to learn more about Olin’s experiential learning opportunities. Discover how Olin students prepare for the businessworld by solving unstructured business problems from day one of their business education.

Olin Student Panel

Hear from a panel of current Olin students as they share their experiences and advice about studying business at WashU. Come ready to ask questions and hear from upperclassmen!

Faculty Spotlight and Virtual Class Experience

Join Robyn LeBoeuf, one of Olin’s top Marketing professors, for a virtual class experience. Learn how people’s choices, judgments, and behaviors can be biased in their consumer product selections.

Olin Information Session

Join Paige LaRose, Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Programs, to learn about academic and co-curricular opportunities available to Olin Business School students including majors, minors, research, study abroad, student organizations and more!

career planning at olin

Olin prepares students to be future business leaders. Learn about Olin’s approach to career development and the support and resources available to students as they pursue their future careers.

Beyond Boundaries Week

Beyond Boundaries is a unique two-year educational experience that allows talented and motivated students to tackle big societal and intellectual challenges. Join faculty, staff, and current students from the Beyond Boundaries Program at WashU—learn more about the student experience, curricular and extracurricular offerings, and much more!


Join our information session to learn more about the Beyond Boundaries Program at Washington University in St. Louis from Director and Teaching Professor Robert Mark Morgan—he will highlight the ‘big idea’ behind the program and related course content as well as take questions from attendees.

Virtual Class Experience: When I’m 64

Join us for this special opportunity to hear from the 3 professors representing 3 different divisions at WashU. They will give you a glimpse into their highly-popular Beyond Boundaries course called ‘When I’m 64’ on the study of aging. There will be a presentation followed by a Q&A with all 3 professors talking about this unique course.

Student Panel

Hear from six amazing Beyond Boundaries Program students representing the Class of 2024 at WashU. These students will reflect on their first-year experience in the Beyond Boundaries Program and answer any questions you have about course offerings, life at WashU, and more!

IG Live with Rob Morgan and Jenni Harpring

Hosted by Rob Morgan, Beyond Boundaries Program Director, and Jenni Harpring, Assistant Director, as they take your questions on IG Live about the WashU experience and the Beyond Boundaries Program. Join us for an engaging discussion (and maybe a few Dad jokes!).

Application Week

Join us for Application Week! You’ll hear from admissions staff and current students all about the admissions process. Learn more about essays, interviews, financial aid, and more!

Admissions Information Session

Join an admissions officer for an information session to learn more about academic experiences, student life, the admissions process, and financial aid at WashU.

Student Financial Services & Merit Scholarships

Hear from our Student Financial Services team about affordability at WashU. We’ll discuss need-based aid, merit scholarships, and advice to make the process go smoothly.

Sharing Your Name & Story

Join two WashU admissions officers as they share insight on how to bring your Name & Story into your WashU application. They’ll discuss involvement, essays, interviews, and more. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

Admissions: Ask Us Anything

Learn more about the admissions process at WashU from the perspective of our admissions officers. This panel will answer our most common questions about the application process and take you behind the scenes to see how we shape our next class of WashU Bears!

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