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Architecture in the Age of Identity: Race, Gender, Ethnicity, and Their Discontents

October 8 at 6 pm CT

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
Presented by Igor Marjanovic, JoAnne Stolaroff Cotsen Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Architecture

This course examines the relationship between identity formation of individuals and that of professional architects, focusing on the role of race, gender, and ethnicity in architectural education worldwide.

The Business of Elections

October 15 at 6 pm CT

Olin Business School
Presented by Steve Malter, Senior Associate Dean of Experiential Learning & Strategic Initiatives

This class will focus on understanding the primary and Presidential elections, particularly the 2020 election, through a multi-disciplinary approach, at the intersection of political science and business.

Boundless Boundary Layers

October 29 at 6 pm CT

McKelvey School of Engineering
Presented by Emily Boyd, Teaching Professor in Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

Learn how a thin friction layer between a moving fluid and a surface develops and influences the design of things you use every day. It can be a real drag!

The Art of Medicine

November 9 at 6 pm CT

Presented by Rebecca Messbarger, Professor of Italian, Co-Founder of Medical Humanities

This interdisciplinary, cross-school course at the intersection of history and the visual arts offers students a singular encounter with western medicine from ancient times to the present day. In tandem with the history of medicine, the course examines the capacity of the arts to frame medical practice and to raise questions and influence perceptions, both positively and negatively, of medical advancements.

Habitable Planets

November 16 at 6 pm CT

College of Arts & Sciences
Presented by Rita Parai, Assistant Professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences

This course is an exploration of the origins of oceans and atmospheres on planetary bodies, and the internal features that help to regulate our planet’s surface conditions.