APAP alumni interviews—or, why is this WashU alum contacting me?

Written by Michelle Gravel, Senior Director of Alumni and Parents Admission Program (APAP)
July 18, 2022

Hello from WashU! My name is Michelle Gravel and I work with a program called the Alumni and Parents Admission Program (long name—so we go by APAP). APAP is made up of alumni and parents who are so enthusiastic about WashU that they want to share that excitement with prospective students and families. One of the ways they do that is by offering interviews to applicants.

Here at WashU, interviews are optional. Some of you may have interviewed with a current student while deciding whether to apply. For applicants who did not interview already, you have the option to take advantage of an alumni interview, if one is offered to you. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer interviews to all applicants but try to offer them on a first come, first-served basis, as long as we have available interviewers. Please keep an eye on the email you provided to us in your application as that is how an APAP member will first contact you if we are able to offer you an interview. The email will come from the alum directly but should mention a “WashU interview” in the subject line. If you don’t respond, the alum may also call or text you directly.

While we don’t require interviews, students who chose to accept the invitation have enjoyed spending about 20 minutes talking with the alum about their experience as a student here, what activities they enjoyed, why they are happy they chose WashU, and what the WashU education has meant to their lives. Our interviews are casual so please don’t be stressed or feel compelled to pull out a suit (unless of course you are most comfortable wearing a suit—you can wear whatever feels best to you). At the end of your conversation the volunteer will provide a summary of the discussion—just one more way for your admissions officer to learn more about you!

If you don’t have time to participate in an interview or would rather share more about yourself in a different way (such as the optional 90-second video) that is completely fine. Simply respond to the volunteer to let them know so they can offer the opportunity to another applicant. We like to get to know you in ways that are most comfortable to you.

Our alums really enjoy chatting with applicants so we hope you will respond to their invitation. If you have questions about our interviews, the 90-second videos, or anything else about the process just let us know. Happy chatting!