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Academic and Pre-Professional Organizations

Academic and pre-professional organizations give students access to fundamental information about pursuing a specific career, and serve as an opportunity to interact with other students who share similar interests. These organizations are also a great resource for students to meet faculty and professionals who provide guidance about entering and succeeding in their field.

Pre-Professional Societies
The Washington University Pre-Medical Society is dedicated to offering sound advice and educational support to WashU students. Through events such as guest speakers, medical school visits, and academic planning, the society offers answers to the questions all students pose, including those from incoming first-year students who need guidance, sophomores who need MCAT advice, and juniors and seniors who are applying and getting accepted to medical schools.

The Washington University Pre-Law Society (WUPLS) plans and executes a number of events each semester, from intimate speaking engagements to expert panels and proctored Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) examinations.

Their mission is to provide students with optimal resources, information, and guidance to help foster their career aspirations and to promote the intellectual exchange of law-related ideas, concepts, and issues. The group is open to any interested member of the WashU community.

EnCouncil is the undergraduate student government for the McKelvey School of Engineering. EnCouncil represents the interests of engineering students and societies regarding issues in the McKelvey School of Engineering, Washington University, and the engineering community as a whole. Additionally, EnCouncil provides social and academic programming for engineering students and strives to develop leadership skills within its members.

EnCouncil provides students with access to the engineering job market along with community service projects and charity fundraisers, and holds forums to address issues important to students and their specific community. EnCouncil organizes annual events including Vertigo, a techno themed dance party for all WashU students, and EnWeek, a weeklong celebration of engineering with demonstrations, competitions, speakers, and a scavenger hunt. EnCouncil also sponsors Cheap Lunch, which provides $3 lunch to the WashU community on Wednesdays.

Phi Beta Kappa
The Washington University Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was established in 1914. Each spring, the chapter elects new undergraduate members from among students pursuing degrees in the College of Arts & Sciences. The chapter co-sponsors the annual Phi Beta Kappa/Sigma Xi Lecture. Past speakers include Alan Lightman (physicist and author of Einstein’s Dreams), botanist Peter Raven, author Susan Sontag, and paleontologist Jack Horner.

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