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Four of our schools offer undergraduate degree and academic programs. You may browse the current offerings by school, field of study or degree offered. We also have opportunities for interdisciplinary study and special programs, so if you don’t see something that matches your interest below, try a search.

You will be asked to select an academic division on your application for admission to WashU. This division serves as your home base. You are also asked to select a primary academic interest on your application, but you don’t need to formally declare your major until your second year on campus. All first-year students come into WashU officially “undeclared” and work closely with their academic advisors to choose courses; explore new programs; determine majors, minors, and pre-professional programs; and discover their academic passions.

Beyond Boundaries

This unique educational experience allows talented, self-initiated, and self-motivated students to become creative problem solvers and insightful scholars. Students pursue their own interests across academic disciplines and draw on the strength and interconnectedness of the university’s seven schools.

Special programs

Washington University offers the following special programs that offer undergraduates opportunities that transcend the scope of a traditional major: Beyond Boundaries and Joint Degree Program in Business and Computer Science

Special programs

PreHealth at WashU

At WashU, you can obtain a broad-based education and a solid academic foundation for a career in the health professions while majoring in any subject. Our PreHealth community offers advising and resources to help you plan your path and identify research and volunteer opportunities as early as your first year.

PreHealth at WashU

Career paths

What percentage of our grads enter the workforce? How many go on to attend grad school? You can find out from the reports published annually by the Career Center.

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