Washington University offers first-year applicants a choice of three decision plans – Early Decision I, Early Decision II, and Regular Decision.

The Early Decision Plans

You may apply to only one college or university under a binding Early Decision plan.

If Washington University is clearly your first-choice school, we encourage you to apply under the Early Decision option. Early Decision I and Early Decision II candidates receive admission and financial aid decisions earlier than regular decision candidates. WashU will meet 100% of the demonstrated financial need for all admitted students, regardless of your chosen decision plan. The academic scholarship process is separate – scholarship decisions are not made until well after the Early Decision notification dates.

Your Early Decision application is a binding commitment that you will attend WashU if admitted. Early Decision candidates and their counselors and a parent or guardian must sign the Early Decision commitment statement on the application. You may apply for regular admission to any additional schools you choose. If you are admitted to WashU, you must withdraw applications filed at other colleges and universities.

Some applicants not admitted under Early Decision may be deferred to the Regular Decision application period for re-evaluation. However, some applicants may be denied admission.

Admissions Perspective

Early Decision and WashU

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The Regular Decision Plan

If you are interested in Washington University, but are unsure whether it is your first choice, you should apply as a Regular Decision (RD) candidate.