Access resources and systems to help you succeed

Beginning your first days here, you’ll have peers and staff facilitating your transition through orientation and academic and residential life programs.

We work hard to support our diverse student populations, encourage health and wellness, and facilitate meaningful connections beyond the campus community. You’ll also have access to a suite of web-based services to enhance learning and facilitate connections with your peers and faculty.

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Learning Center offers support services to help you succeed academically. You’ll have access to academic mentoring programs and structured assistance to improve essential note-taking and study skills, time management, and productivity. 

In addition, we can assist you with test preparation for graduate and professional training.

Disability Resources

Disability Resources (DR) is the official resource for students on the Danforth Campus who have disabilities or suspected disabilities. DR is dedicated to ensuring that every student with a disability will have equal access to our campus and academic programs. DR assists students individually by providing guidance and determining reasonable accommodations to remove barriers to access.

Emergency Information

The WashU Alerts Emergency Notification System combines multiple technologies that work together to keep our university community safe. Multiple points of contact from emails and phones, to outdoor sirens and alert beacons are used to notify the university community of emergencies. 

Health & Wellness

The Habif Health & Wellness Center provides the student community of WashU with student-centered health and health promotion services. They offer a range of services from medical checkups and mental health services to wellness support, health education, and a full-service pharmacy. Staff members have particular training and experience in working with university students. They are committed to the growth and personal development of each student within the university community who seeks assistance.

Meet Bear & Brookie

After a “ruff” start, rescue puppies Bear and Brookie have a new home at WashU, where they are training to be therapy dogs.

Bear and Brookie support the mental health of students and employees experiencing trauma or a crisis.

Office for International Students and Scholars

The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) provides social, cultural, and academic support, information on governmental regulations, and facilitates cross-cultural understanding within WashU and the St. Louis metropolitan area. 

OISS staff members help you adjust to life and studies in the United States. The staff provides English language instruction and advice if you need help with personal, financial, and legal matters or governmental regulations. The office also provides information on passports, visas, housing, and community resources. 

WashU prides itself on hosting a truly international community. Our students and faculty come from more than 100 countries around the world. Whether you are from the United States or abroad, we encourage you to broaden your international perceptions by participating in cross-cultural experiences. 


Libraries, books, and online resources are essential to your undergraduate education. WashU maintains a multifaceted library system with more than 4.3 million books, periodical volumes, audiovisual titles and government publications, plus extensive collections of literary manuscripts, rare books, and other materials. 

Through Washington University Libraries, you’ll have online access to thousands of databases, electronic journals, and other digital resources. 

Our nine libraries put comfortable study and collaborative spaces within easy reach. Expert research assistance is available online or in person. 

Portable computing devices can easily be utilized around campus with wireless voice and data service in common spaces, libraries, residential buildings, and many academic spaces. Common computing services, such as printing, email, and access to many software programs are available from anywhere on the network. Numerous computing labs provide spaces to gather, connect, and work together. 


The WashU Police Department (WUPD) provides law enforcement services to the Danforth Campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

WUPD works in partnership with our campus community to cultivate a safe learning environment by providing high-quality police service in a fair, sensitive, and professional manner, while also promoting crime prevention awareness. Blue light telephones, safety patrols, and self-defense education are among the services WUPD provides. 

Student Technology Services

Student Technology Services (STS) provides technical support for all residential computing labs and for most of your personal computing devices. STS strives to enhance your student experience by advocating for a technology-rich environment that is essential to successful learning and enjoyable living on campus. 

STS offers a variety of technical services as well as student programs, both online and in person. STS also provides a walk-up help desk, located in the storefront of Gregg Hall on the South 40. 

Student Transitions & Family Programs

Student Transitions & Family Programs supports you through your transition into the WashU community to ensure that you build and sustain your academic and personal goals. The center brings together people, programs, and resources to provide an undergraduate experience of exceptional quality where you’ll be known by name and story, and where you can prepare yourself for a life of purpose and meaning. 


Concerns about global climate change, increased emissions, and the depletion of natural resources have led to a growing awareness of how the energy needs of our campuses are met and the potentially adverse consequences for the environment. WashU’s goal is to become a model of sustainable operations. Achieving this goal will have a positive environmental impact and help us serve as a model for other large universities and institutions in the St. Louis region and across the country. 


We offer an extensive transportation program to meet the needs of our community. The transportation program is intended to provide safe and convenient transportation between the Danforth Campus and the Medical School Campus, as well as shopping centers and surrounding residential areas. The Campus Circulator travels regularly around campus, and the WashU Metro Universal Pass program allows you to travel free on public transportation. The Campus2Home shuttle provides a safe ride home if you’re living in designated areas off campus. 

The Danforth Campus also offers the Enterprise CarShare program. With this program, you may rent a hybrid vehicle for use by the hour or by the day. Rental includes gas, physical damage protection, and maintenance. Each Enterprise CarShare vehicle has its own reserved parking spaces on all Danforth Campus parking lots. Enterprise CarShare lets you have a vehicle at your fingertips without the hassle and expense of having a car on campus.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is a free service that serves our students and faculty. The Writing Center works with you on essays, senior theses, personal statements, oral presentations, and more. You are welcome at all different stages of the writing process, from brainstorming all the way to the later drafts. While the tutors will not edit or proofread your papers, they will help identify patterns of error in grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation, and empower you to become editors of your own work. 

The Writing Center also offers a peer tutoring program if you’re interested in helping others with the craft of writing. 

The Speaking Studio, a service of the Writing Center, a service of The Writing Center, provides free, one-on-one tutoring for any member of the WashU community for any public speaking project.