WashU fosters a welcoming culture where everyone is valued and respected. By working collaboratively, the strong, close-knit community at WashU engages students to live and work in an increasingly diverse world.

With students and faculty from across the country and around the world, WashU values diversity in the people you will meet here on campus. 

With diversity of race, ethnicity, religion, perspective, socio-economic status, and experience on campus, students have the opportunity to learn about new and different backgrounds and cultures by joining groups that celebrate the university’s population. 

Students are encouraged to enjoy a vibrant array of public arts offerings available to community and campus audiences alike.

Campus Groups

The ways in which WashU students get involved with diversity are almost as diverse as our students themselves. Student diversity organizations abound on campus, providing connections for students from many backgrounds and experiences. A sample of our student organizations includes the Association of Latin American Students, Korean Student Association, Ashoka, Association of Black Students, and much more!

Center For Diversity and Inclusion

The CDI is an integral part of the university’s core mission to develop students as future leaders in the diverse global community of the 21st Century. Supporting and advocating for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from underrepresented and/or marginalized populations, the CDI focuses and promotes education, advocacy, research & scholarship, engagement, and social justice in the WashU community.

Framework for Change

At WashU, equity, diversity, and inclusion is a core value of our community. We are constantly working to create the best student experience for all, inside and outside the classroom. As a result, we have developed an infrastructure to support and cultivate a stronger climate of diversity and inclusion at WashU.

Framework for Change

Statement of Solidarity

“The ongoing racial violence that we are witnessing against people of color is nothing short of devastating,” Chancellor Andrew D. Martin

Learn how Undergraduate Admissions and Student Financial Services are united in our commitment.

Statement of Solidarity