Explore multiple areas of study

The Beyond Boundaries Program helps talented, self-initiated, and self-motivated students become creative problem solvers and insightful scholars who are prepared to pursue their own broad interdisciplinary interests.

This unique educational experience requires collaboration across academic disciplines and perspectives, drawing on the strength and interconnectedness of the university’s seven schools. After their first year, students are able to seamlessly transition into any of WashU’s undergraduate schools while they continue engaging with the Beyond Boundaries Program.

Apply for Beyond Boundaries:

  • Submit a Common Application or Coalition Application, powered by Scoir, for admission to the Class of 2027.
  • Indicate an interest in Beyond Boundaries on the application.
  • Answer the Beyond Boundaries short answer question:

    Many of our students broadly explore the connections across WashU’s five undergraduate divisions and three graduate schools and engage with the community before declaring a major. The Beyond Boundaries Program equips students with a set of tools to critically understand and make a difference in a complicated world where challenges do not come pre-packaged as territory of a single discipline. Tell us what great challenge you might want to understand and tackle leveraging two or more of WashU’s schools and how you would pursue an interdisciplinary path of study that explores that challenge or an aspect of that challenge in a unique and innovative way.