Synergy between schools

A new joint degree program, Bachelor of Science in Business and Computer Science, provides an integrated educational experience with the Olin Business School and the McKelvey School of Engineering.

The objective is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and perspective of computer science and business, and the unique opportunities created by combining them.

This 8-semester program is offered through Washington University’s Olin Business school and McKelvey School of Engineering. If you are interested in earning a single joint degree at the intersection of business and computer science, you should consider applying for the Joint Program. Students accepted to the Joint Program will explore the synergy between the two professional schools and combine the skills and knowledge of both academic disciplines.

Because of this program’s structure, you may not pursue a second major while in the program. Unlike a double-major, this degree is a formalized joint program with defined degree requirements including both academic disciplines. It also offers special programming and connections to resources across the Olin Business School and McKelvey School of Engineering. Should you decide to change your major while in the program, you would follow the same process as other WashU students, including meeting with advisors from both the current and proposed program.

Apply for the Joint Degree Program

  • Submit a Common Application or Coalition Application for admission to the Class of 2026.
  • Indicate an interest in the Joint Degree Program in Business and Computer Science on the application.
  • Answer the Joint Program in Business and Computer Science short answer question:

    Tell us how you would use this combined degree to explore the intersection of these two disciplines? 

For more information, visit the Joint Program in Business and Computer Science website.