Academic Advising

Work hand-in-hand with a team of advisors who will get to know you by name and story.

Working alongside your peers, professors, and alumni, you’ll have the permission to dream big, and to try—and even fail—as many times as it takes to get the answer right. Together with your advisors, you’ll explore yourself, discover your options, make plans, and reflect on your experience as you forge your academic and professional pathway at WashU and beyond.

With more than 100 fields of study and 2,000 courses each year, you’ll find multiple course options within each major. From your first days, you’ll be connected with an academic advisor, who will:

  • Help you sort through the options to build a successful academic plan that takes you where you want to go
  • Work with you on the broad issues of academic planning
  • Advise you on the semester-by-semester details of course selection

Student Advising

You can also turn to fellow students known as Washington University Student Associates (WUSAs). These upper class leaders can answer questions you have about academic deadlines and policies, resources available, and making the transition to college.

Pre-Professional Advising

Many students pursue an undergraduate degree in preparation for professional school. Your advisor can help you design a program that will prepare you for whichever career path you might choose.

We offer pre-professional advising for the following areas of study:

  • Medicine, Dental, and Veterinary Medicine
  • Law
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Audiology and Communication Sciences

Career Advising

Wherever you are on your career journey, The Center for Career Engagement is here to support you. We offer career services to all WashU students, including: undergraduates from all majors, masters, PhDs, postdocs, UCollege and alumni.