WashU accepts Schoolhouse.world certifications

Schoolhouse.world is a free, globally available platform founded by Sal Khan of Khan Academy where students can show subject mastery and tutor others in courses including calculus, computer science, and statistics.

Applicants to WashU are welcome to submit Schoolhouse.world certifications as an optional supplement to their application.

Certifications from Schoolhouse.world are just one way for you to demonstrate your academic achievement and showcase your mastery in math. While these certifications do not fulfill official requirements like transcripts and letters of recommendation, they do help us better understand your academic preparedness and fit for WashU. Schoolhouse.world certifications can be a great opportunity for students who wish to learn or show competencies in subjects not offered as part of their school curriculum.

If you have certifications from Schoolhouse.world that you would like to share with the Admissions Committee, log in to the WashU Pathway and submit the form. We encourage you to submit a single PDF once all of your certifications are complete.