Portrait of Grace Chapin James

Grace Chapin James

You don’t have to fit every detail of birth through age 18 in your essays! A resume is not an essay—we can learn a lot about you when you focus in on a goal, interest, or experience and explore it fully, rather than feeling like you have to pack all of your accomplishments or achievements […]

Susan Kapp Portrait

Susan M. Kapp

Try not to be stressed about the college application process. You will get through it and land in a good place. Remember that you are a high school student and your work is learning and you should have some fun along the way. College applications should not be your full time job. Susan’s advice for […]

Ronné P. Turner

My advice for students is to present their authentic self to the admission committee. Students need to take pride in and celebrate who they are, their backgrounds and experiences. You don’t need a special story or specific activity to gain admission to college. The real you is more than enough. Ronnés’s advice for students going […]