Portrait of Grace Chapin James

Grace Chapin James

You don’t have to fit every detail of birth through age 18 in your essays! A resume is not an essay—we can learn a lot about you when you focus in on a goal, interest, or experience and explore it fully, rather than feeling like you have to pack all of your accomplishments or achievements […]

Phil Layfield portrait

Phil Layfield

I started my career in education working with students at rural schools, and I’m excited to get back out into the field and work with those schools again. Phil on what he’s most looking forward to this year

Dacoda Scarlett portrait

Dacoda Scarlett

The ability to provide access and opportunity to students from rural Missouri and Southern Illinois is a dream come true for me as someone from these communities myself. Being able to connect with these students and their families, understand their life experiences, and support them through the college application process is an opportunity I take […]

Professional Portrait of Nakeyah Bradford

Nakeyah Bradford

Take one step at a time. The college search is a long journey, but if you take one step at a time, you won’t feel overwhelmed. Do one thing related to the college search each day. This can be as small as imagining your college experience or as large as visiting a college campus. Just […]

Professional Portrait of China Hutchins

China Hutchins

Take time to reflect on what distinguishes you (what are you most proud of; has it been shared in your application materials); too often we don’t recognize enough of our own talents and outwardly share them. China’s advice for students going through the application process

Professional portrait of David Bell

David H.B. Bell

Definitely the food. There are so many great local food options that allow you to experience so many different flavors and cultures. As a Social Studies graduate and a foodie, I love it! David on his favorite thing about St. Louis

Professional portrait of Kieran Uhlmansiek

Kieran Uhlmansiek

Whispers. I loved grabbing an iced chai and studying there with my friends. Kieran on her favorite spot on campus

Professional portrait of Jennie Jean-Jacques

Jennie Jean-Jacques

My favorite spot is Kuehner Court, which is located in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. Located there is a thirty-foot green wall and vertical garden that has over 5,000 plants! Jennifer on her favorite spot on campus

Professional portrait of Demetrius Coleman

Demetrius Coleman

Remember to reflect on how an institution’s resources will meet your individual needs. The application process is as much of an interview for the different universities you apply to as it is for you. Know and assess your individual needs well and let that drive your final decision. Demetrius’ advice for students going through the […]

Professional portrait of Sarah Myers

Sarah Myers

Applying to college can feel overwhelming and all-encompassing. Take time to slow down, enjoy time with your family and friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Sarah’s advice for students going through the application process