Professional portrait of Demetrius Coleman

Demetrius Coleman

Remember to reflect on how an institution’s resources will meet your individual needs. The application process is as much of an interview for the different universities you apply to as it is for you. Know and assess your individual needs well and let that drive your final decision. Demetrius’ advice for students going through the […]

Professional portrait of Sarah Myers

Sarah Ostroot

Applying to college can feel overwhelming and all-encompassing. Take time to slow down, enjoy time with your family and friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Sarah’s advice for students going through the application process

Professional portrait of Lia Garofolo

Lia Garofolo

There’s so much stuff to do, and everything is so accessible! The food is also amazing. Shoutout to The King and I, and Corner 17. My favorite place is probably Subterranean Books on The Loop. Lia on her favorite thing about St. Louis

Professional portrait of Andrew Wesselmann

Andrew Wesselmann

My favorite way to enjoy campus is by discovering places I haven’t been to yet. There are a lot of great spots on campus, and the best way to experience campus is to explore! Andrew on his favorite spot on campus

Professional portrait of Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson

Trust. The. Process. If you are authentic, dedicated, and passionate, the college search will work out for you, even if it doesn’t work out in the way you initially thought it would/wanted it to. You will end up where you are supposed to be. Justin’s advice for students going through the application process

Jocelyn Johnson portrait

Jocelyn Giles

Pace yourself—try to accomplish small tasks every day so that you aren’t leaving the entire application process until the last minute. Also, be kind to yourself—practice self-care and give yourself positive affirmations as you navigate each step of the process. Jocelyn’s advice for students going through the application process

Jacob Goedde portrait

Jacob Goedde

Be yourself! This process is all about you, so please do your best to tell your story through your application and college search. Jacob on the college application process

Morgan Farrar portrait

Morgan Farrar

Knowing what you don’t want in a school is just as helpful as knowing what you do, and having those kinds of priorities can help to narrow down your application list or your final decision. Morgan’s advice for students going through the application process

John Frahm portrait

John Frahm

Plan ahead! There are so many factors to consider throughout your college search, so start early and don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are here to be a resource for you as you navigate this process. Give yourself enough time to really enjoy your senior year and know that at the end of it […]