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Summer Programs for High School Students

​High School Summer Experiences at Washington University offers participants the opportunity to experience the independence of college life.

For complete information, eligibility requirements, and applications, visit the Summer Experiences website.

High School Summer Scholars Program (5 weeks or 8 weeks, credit)​

Enroll in undergraduate courses for credit and study alongside undergraduates. Select from a broad range of stimulating introductory courses in humanities, math, sciences, and social sciences. Live on campus in one of our top-ranked residence halls and enjoy social and cultural opportunities with other students from around the world. This program is open to current sophomores and juniors in high school

High School Summer Institutes (1-3 weeks, noncredit)

Institutes combine traditional undergraduate class and lab curriculum with organized field trips, guest lectures, and hands-on activities in order for students to gain valuable academic and career experience. These programs are open to current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in high school.

Choose from eight options:

  • Pre-Engineering (3 weeks)
    Experience the diverse fields of biomedical, environmental, mechanical, computer, and electrical engineering. Learn how to apply scientific, economic, and social knowledge to solve problems, create new systems, or design a structure.
  • Pre-Medical (3 weeks)
    Discover the ever-changing world of medicine. Sessions include faculty lectures, anatomy and physiology activities, clinical skills sessions, microbiology labs, field trips, and case study analysis.
  • Creative Writing (2 weeks)
    Discuss published work, create pieces using innovative prompts, and share work with classmates. Explore the thriving St. Louis literary scene, meet professional and creative writers, and learn about various writing-related professions.
  • Environmental Studies and Sustainability (2 weeks)
    Learn about current research trends in environmental science and sustainability and visit several local institutions conducting research such as Tyson Research Center, Monsanto, Missouri Botanical Gardens, and Gateway Greening.
  • Global Leadership (2 weeks)
    Study politics, economics, and law to better understand the forces that affect competition and cooperation in a globalized world. Through debates and policy-making simulations, build practical leadership skills while applying new concepts and tackling global issues.
  • Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Psychology (2 weeks)
    Explore the intersection of philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology. Ask philosophical questions focusing on "what is good?" and explore the basics of brain function and research critical questions about the role of neuroscience in philosophy and psychology.
  • Humanities Institute (2weeks)
    Explore the political impact of the arts in the past and in the present – on the role of artists as activists, social critics, visionaries, and, in some cases, creators of propaganda. Study how the relationship between politics and the arts has been understood at different historical moments and in different cultural traditions.
  • Young Leaders (1 week)
    Develop leadership skills, meet community leaders, and work in teams to research and analyze a local issue and develop a community service project that addresses it.

Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts

The Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts offers two pre-college programs, the Architecture Discovery Program and the Portfolio Plus Program.

For complete information, eligibility requirements, and applications, visit the Sam Fox School Pre-College Programs website.

Architecture Discovery Program (2 weeks, credit)

  • The Architecture Discovery Program (ADP) is an exciting introduction to architecture and design for high school students.
  • Our rigorous two-week program offers intensive individual instruction by Sam Fox School faculty.
  • The explorations carried out in studio will provide students with quality material to add to their design portfolios.
  • This program is recommended for rising juniors and seniors in high school.
  • Upon successful completion, participants will earn two college credits and may receive letters of recommendation for college admission.

Portfolio Plus Program (3 weeks, credit)

  • Get a taste of what life is like on a college campus while studying art this summer through Portfolio Plus.
  • Open to high school students, this three-week program features drawing courses in the mornings and electives in the afternoons.
  • Studio work is rounded out by organized trips to museums, visits to artists' and designers' studios, and portfolio development workshops.
  • This program is recommended for rising juniors and seniors in high school.
  • Upon successful completion, participants will earn three college credits and may receive letters of recommendation for college admission.

Olin Business School


Join other young women for a week of engaged discovery at Olin Business School. BOLD@Olin is WashU's summer program for rising junior and senior high school women interested in business. During the week-long program students will be immersed in life-changing opportunities for learning, networking, and personal growth. Students will learn from Olin Business School faculty; network and be inspired by accomplished women in business; and engage in opportunities to develop their leadership potential. More information and the application can be found here:

Olin Fleischer Scholars Program

How would you like to learn about business and entrepreneurship from one of the top business schools in the country? The Olin Fleischer Scholars Program provides a unique, week-long educational experience for high school students entering your sophomore, junior, or senior year. This program is designed to help students with limited financial resources, those from underrepresented populations, and first-generation college students prepare for college and career planning. Application materials are available at:

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