Jade Leslie, Class of 2022; Sadie Neville, Class of 2023; and Emily Talkow, Class of 2024

6235 Delmar Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63130

If you ask any WashU student for a recommendation of restaurants on the Loop, odds are very high they will say Mission Taco. Yet even with its popularity and at peak times it can be hard to get a table, there are never too long of waits. In addition to lots of indoor seating, there are outdoor picnic tables that allow you to experience the fun atmosphere the Loop has to offer. Big tables inside are also great to cater to bigger groups. This menu has such a wide variety that it is bound to appeal to all different people and taste preferences. A fan favorite is the Baja fish taco, just one of their many different tacos. 


  • Vegetarian/vegan options: Yes 
  • Accessibility to campus: 10 minute walk
  • Price: Moderate