Jade Leslie, Class of 2022; Sadie Neville, Class of 2023; and Emily Talkow, Class of 2024

6223 Delmar Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63130

Thai Country Café is a hidden gem! When we went, we tried the potstickers, which had an incredible crunch to them. For our entrée, we shared Pad See Ew, Pad Thai, and Yellow Curry– all of which were cooked to perfection! The pricing was very reasonable for portions that are very shareable and large in quantity. There is a great ratio of protein to rice/noodles to vegetables in each of the dishes we tried. Overall takeaway from Thai Country Café is that it is a great price for a great quantity of food!


  • Vegetarian/vegan options: Yes
  • Accessibility to campus: 10 minute walk
  • Price: Moderate